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  • kellyan******** posted at 7/18/2023
    food was awsome!
  • jg3**** posted at 11/6/2022
    I ordered a meal to be delivered today at 12:30pm. I ordered shrimp fried rice for my mother but she is feeling sick and won’t eat it. I’m not feeling well either. I want to delete the fried rice before you make it please.  please call 407-533-3042 before you come. Thanks. Joan
  • bve**** posted at 12/23/2021
    I ordered beef in garlic sauce and I was sent shrimp.
  • markmir******* posted at 12/12/2021
    I ordered food they charged my card and it never came, i was so hungry ?? ?? ??  i waited i called they say they got my order and they was busy and waited and waited and nothing, 2 hours of waiting and i could have been eatin somthing ???? so disappointing....why take my order and waste my time????? 
  • jgr**** posted at 9/22/2021
    May we have 5 pairs of chop sticks. 
  • ajust***** posted at 3/29/2021
    Best spot in town but unfortunately closed on mondays forcing me to eat at other restaurants
  • mallgre******** posted at 2/22/2020
    the order came promptly and hot. On my maiden voyage I ordered Wor Sus Duck. the Duck was cooked perfectly. It was presented on a bed of Chinese vegetables that were chrisp but not undercooked. The brown sauce was a little overwhelming but next time I will ask them to lighten up on the brown sauce. They held back the broccoli and carrots as I requested. I would give this dish a 9. I also ordered a pint of Shrimp in Lobster sauce just to sample it as it is one of the things I always order.The large shrimp were perfect; not overcooked, however the sauce was very salty. I suppose if you eat it over rice the salt would be bearably, but I do not eat rice. Unless they can cut down the salt I won't be ordering that again. Some of us have to watch our salt intake. I picked out the shrimp and for that reason I give this dish a 7 because the shrimp were that good. On the whole this has been a  good experience and I will be ordering again as I make my way through the menu.
  • mallgre******** posted at 2/22/2020
    I am new to the area and this is my first order. I love your  web site... I read the reviews and hope the food is as good as promised. I am spoiled having spent my childhood on mulberry street in nyc. 
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  • Scot**** posted at 8/21/2018
    I thought you would like to know, it looks like you've misspelled the word "Tung" on your website.  Silly mistakes can ruin your site's credibility.  In the past I've used a tool like to keep mistakes off my website.
    -Scott Matthews Sr.
  • meginam******** posted at 4/28/2018
    The food was okay not the best could be better no flavor delivery man banged on my front door like the cops in a movie which scared me half to death 
  • redr**** posted at 11/9/2015
    The food at China King is delicious. Always hot, and prompt whether pick up or delivery. The ingredients are fresh, and special instructions are followed. My family has been using another place for 40 years, but while the other place is relying on reputation, and quality is slipping, China King is getting even better! I love the Beef with Mushrooms, Chicken with Brocolli, Moo Goo Gai Pan, Shrimp with Lobster Sauce, and Egg Rolls. We order 1-2 times per week, and love our new go-to place for Chinese food! Thank You China King!
  • mic**** posted at 7/15/2015
    I LOVE the food at China King!  The flavor, ingredients, and freshness is by far the best in our entire area.  All of the food was hot and they gave us extra food! This is our new go-to place.